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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Most Common Inquiries

Welcome to our Help Center. Scroll down to find a collection of the most frequent questions and answers. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, let us know via the contact us form and we will get back to you in no time.

What is Self Publishing?

Self Publishing is a process through which you can print a book on your own, without being at the mercy of big name publishers, who may or may not agree to publish your book. When you choose to Self Publish a book with Destiny Media you are in charge and you can publish any book you want, in any genre or any size and quantity. The entire process and costing is transparent and modular depending on your requirements. 

Why Should I Self-Publish with Destiny Media?

Destiny Media offers you complete freedom, collaboration and support. We customise our publishing packages to suit the author’s budget and what the manuscript deserves. If you are unsure about the manuscript we will help you edit the same - what plot/story you should concentrate on, what kind of characters you should create to make your book more enjoyable for readers etc. We help you improve the final quality of your book so that it can stand out proudly in an already crowded market.

What Happens After a book is Self Published? How Can I Sell My Book?

Once the book is published - we run marketing campaigns, as per the package chosen by the author and try to create maximum awareness about the book. We provide the author links to the book on all the sites where it is distributed so that they can share it with their readers. The author then has to take over the final leg of the journey - start nudging people to buy the book and get it reviewed on e-commerce sites or other media.

How Do I Track Sales?

Destiny Media will provide regular Author Sales Reports after every quarter and email them to the author for all Packages. Example - for book sales in Q3 (October, November and December) - the Sales report will be generated by the last week of January and emailed to the author along with the Sales Commission due to them.

What if I Have Only An Idea But Don’t Know How To Write It In Detail Or Book Form?

Connect with us and we’ll try to find a solution for you. If you buy our Crown publishing package then you can get a co-writer to help you write your book.

What Is The Process Of Self Publishing with Destiny Media?

To initiate the process of Self Publishing, you only need to contact us with your idea or manuscript and chosen package. 

Once we read the manuscript - we will give you a tentative costing and tell you how much work the manuscript requires. Then we move on to a customised publishing package especially created for you. 

Once the payment is made and contract signed, we will start working on the manuscript. 

After the manuscript is finalised for print, we will need the following from you.

  1. The final fully edited manuscript in text / MS Word File. 

  2. A short bio of the Author.

  3. Author photo in high resolution if you would like to publish your photo 

  4. The book blurb - usually 2-5 descriptive sentences that help promote the book

Where Can I Buy Books Published by Destiny Media?

Our Books are available at : Amazon (Global & India), Apple Books, Ingram, Barnes & Noble, Kobo (including Kobo Plus), Tolino, OverDrive, Bibliotheca, Scribd, Baker & Taylor, Hoopla, Vivlio & BorrowBox.

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