Destiny Media  is pleased to announce our second anthology of short stories 'Love Stories 2 : Crimes of Passion’. 

This is a call to all writers - young and old, published or unpublished, who would like to be part of our project

to send in your own unique stories on the subject of Love, Crime & Passion. 

We would like you to keep in mind the following when submitting your stories to us - 

This anthology is a collection of ORIGINAL previously unpublished short stories about love stories that involve

 Love and “Crimes of Passion”. It could be real or fictional. 

It may be  a story of unfulfilled love, one sided love, obsessive love but it has to be about a crime committed

on or by one of the characters in the story. 

The story could be only about the character who commits the crime,

or the event of the crime itself, or the aftermath of the crime or all of these. 

To get selected the stories must have some intrigue, suspense or lyrical writing. Humour is also appreciated as is irony!

The story can be written in first person or third person - it’s up to you. 

We only request that you send us a great piece of writing.

This project has been launched with the purpose of creating opportunities for new and unpublished writers to become authors.

We will bring out an exciting, gripping, unputdownable book based on the short stories that you send in.

Join us.

What are we looking for…

1. Real or fictional suspenseful thrilling nail biting crime stories about love - they must be original and previously unpublished. 

2. The stories may begin anywhere with any kind of character or situation but must include a crime of passion. 

Please remember to stick to the theme of “Love Stories: Crimes of Passion.” 

We’re looking for really engaging tightly written short stories that are exciting to read. 

The stories must be about a crime committed around the notion of romantic love. If you deviate from the topic, your story would get rejected. So please stick to the theme. 

You may write a completely fictional or fictionalised narration inspired by a real event - but the short story must read like it really happened.

Well-written with no unnecessary words. Even if you’re writing a story inspired by real life events - please do change the names of the characters / places / description of events so as to protect people’s privacy.

We are looking to entertain people, not to traumatise them. 

3. By well-written we mean — don’t tell me “it was midnight” — show me “the glint of moonlight on shards of broken glass.”

Be as visual, suspenseful and engaging as you can be. Feel every word your write. Capture the thoughts, feelings, emotions, situations, quirks & nuances of the characters / events in your story. Please make the stories unpredictable.

4. This is a book for people who are looking for entertainment under the broad theme of a crime of passion. We’re not trying to compete with the Oxford English Dictionary so please avoid using big words or grand sentences that will not move our readers. 

The reader is overwhelmed with stories on TV, Radio, Print Media, Internet, Mobile Apps, Books, Magazines and so on to encourage them to buy a book of short stories and keep them engaged throughout the book is quite a challenge and most such anthologies don’t end up selling well - so write a really good story that is exciting, edge of the seat and unpredictable. 

Let's create an unputdownable book. It is our duty to keep the reader engrossed and give them what they are looking for.

Your story getting published is largely in your hands - write a brilliant, nail biting, suspenseful, intriguing story 

that is crying out to be published and we won’t have a choice but to publish it. 

However the ultimate decision to Publish rests with the editorial team of Destiny Media LLP

and you will be informed of inclusion or exclusion as the case maybe by the team prior to publication.

Legal and Other Clauses

1. This is a collection/anthology of love stories brought out to provide publishing opportunities for writers.  

It is only meant for short stories. Any long form writing or novel length stories will be rejected outright.

2. The anthology is in English so kindly send us  your story in English only with correct spellings and basic editing done.

3. Destiny Media LLP will not charge anyone for the publishing/contributing to this book.

All expenses towards bringing out this Ebook and/or Paperback / Hardcover will be borne by Destiny Media LLP.

4.Destiny Media LLP will not be paying any sales commission or Royalty to the authors for the stories published 

however they will pay a token amount on acceptance of the story to be published.

5. This initiative is meant to help  authors get their stories out into the world - help them become published authors. 

6.All stories published by Destiny Media LLP become the exclusive property of the company.

All authors will sign a  contract with Destiny Media LLP assigning copyright to Destiny Media LLP of their work

- short story submitted for the purpose of the anthology.

7.Destiny Media LLP has the right to accept, modify or reject any stories that it receives for the purpose of this anthology. 

8.While Destiny Media LLP will try and publish as many of the stories as we receive, we cannot make any prior commitments to any writer about their piece getting published as a certainty.

9. It would be great if authors register their story with SWA or any copyrighting authority before sending us your story.

This is the best way of certifying that you have exclusive ownership of the story you are sending in. 

10.The story will become a  part of Destiny Media LLP content bank (all rights reserved) and

if it is being used for any purpose other than the anthology, the writer will be credited for the same.

How to get started

Just drop us an email on contactdestinymedia@gmail.com


Write to us via the contact form on our website www.destinymedia.in and we will get back to you. 

Also keep in touch with us via our social media handles…

One More Thing

Please please please share this message on all your social media handles and via email, text,

WhatsApp etc. with whoever you know can write.

We are encouraging writers to get in touch with us and we’ll guide you through the process if you need any more information.

Looking forward to hearing from you and reading your super stories.